1. What is a Free Car Removal Service? 

Top Line Car Removal offers Free Car Removals across Perth. What this means is that when you sell your car to us, we also pick it up for free. So, you don’t have to bring the car to us Instead, we come to your location to collect the vehicle. This is especially convenient for those trying to sell scrap or junk cars as they don’t have to worry about paying to have the car towed over to us. 

2. My car was damaged in a flood. Will you buy it? 

Yes! At Top Line Car Removal, we buy all conditions of vehicles right from old, scrap and unwanted ones to vehicles that are written-off, are unregistered or have missing parts. So, feel free to contact us no matter how badly damaged your vehicle is. 

3. What is the process for selling my car for cash? 

It’s straightforward and simple. Just give us a call to get a quote. We will valuate and provide you with a cash quote for your car over the phone itself. Once this is done, it’s then up to you to decide whether you want to sell the car to us. If you choose to do so, give us a date and time you’d like our team to come for the car removal and we’ll be there. The payment will be made when we come to
collect the car. 

4. What paperwork do I have to complete to sell the car to you? 

You don’t have to worry about paperwork. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we can assist you with all the paperwork. You will need to provide us with a valid photo ID (such as your driver’s license or passport) for verification as well as proof of ownership of vehicle so we can confirm that you’re the legal owner. 

5. What car brands do you accept? 

We accept vehicles of all makes. Whether you’re selling a car, van, truck or 4WD to us, you don’t have to worry about whether we’ll accept a particular make of vehicle. We buy all brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, Suzuki, Mazda, Holden, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Hino, Western Star, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen, Volvo and more. 

6. How will I be paid? 

Payment will typically be made via Electronic Funds Transfer or by cheque at the time of the car removal.

7. Do you offer free towing only for cars? 

No, our Free Towing service also applies for other types of vehicles such as vans, trucks, utes, 4WDs, SUVs, caravans, buses, motorcycles and more.

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